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A recognizable brand image is the most valuable asset owned by any company. As a matter of fact, about 59% of the customers like to buy goods from companies that they know about already.

So, how do you build a big fan base and turn yourself into a brand that everybody looks forward to deal with?

By identifying what promise you have for your clients or customers, the challenge would be to communicate your message effectively, clearly, and through multiple channels.

If you have a startup, You happen to be in a great position to develop a brand foundation right from scratch, with the desired message to deliver to your market.

If you have an established company, You may use the already present customer experience to further develop a better and clearer message to improve your brand identity and brand strategy.

Regardless of the phase that your brand is currently in, inside you, you already have the how, why, and what. All what we aim to do is to bring this value right to the surface and give it a strategic direction, that will ultimately determine your position in the market and allow your business to grow long-term.

Good and effective brand identity design, strategy and brand marketing will allow your brand to:

• Differentiate itself from others in competition

 • Target the right type of audience in an effective way.

 • Communicate your brand message consistently

Here is how our business branding service will help your brand in creating a high level of customer trust, awareness and loyalty.

Brand Strategy

Discovery & Research.
Any brand strategy primarily starts by uncovering key information about your business model and process. Discovery sessions are held for the purpose of requirements gathering and brainstorming. Based on that, we define why, how, and what in order to ensure that the strategic direction and the business identity are aligned with the needs of your consumers and your business goals.

Competitor Analysis.
To stand out, it is crucial to know what you are facing. In this regard, we conduct a top-level analysis of competitors and benchmark brands. This analysis covers the areas of brand identity, digital marketing, and web experience. The purpose of this important practice is to identify the various areas of opportunity, and the key differentiators that position your business.

Target Audience.
The more you know who your target customers are, the better you can align the experience you provide for them with your marketing and your brand message. We help you in outlining your target audience. Then, we develop buyer personas that help you in defining their values, motivations, lifestyle and pain points. These are the people that you want to be directly speaking to.

Brand Voice.
Are you addressing your target audience the right way? People generally like the visually authentic brands supported by a clear story that is communicated to them by and appropriate voice and tone. All brands tend to have a different style of communication. We help you develop a brand voice with a style that speaks from your point of view and makes your brand personality standout. At the same time, we also make it clear how you can change your brand’s tone based on the event, message type, and the audience segment that you are talking to.

Brand Messaging.
All in all, it is important for your brand messaging to be very impactful and concise. Your brand message should capture the essence of your business and what value you provide for your audience. The overall brand story should be developed to capture the attention of your audience in a way that triggers an emotional response. We can help you craft a unique slogan, tagline, value propositions and a mission statement. All those brand statement play the main role of communicating your brand message over all the printed and digital materials.

Customer Journey.
It is vital to understand the key stages of the journey that your buyers go through before becoming a long-time customer. The buyers journey starts off with gaining awareness of your business, followed by the initial investment until it goes beyond. We help our clients to identify the tactics, calls to action and the guiding principles that support the needs of the customers at every step of their journey. By mapping the customer’s journey, you will be able to All in all and develop content for every stage, in order to impact the decision-making process of your buyers. 

All of the of those branding aspects are critical to developing a lasting brand, before even thinking about the next stage: colors, fonts and graphics.

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Brand Identity Design

Logo Design
Let’s not forget the importance of having a unique visual brand identity that makes your brand recognizable by everybody. Right after the creative discovery process, the initial concept sketches of a logo are produced. Once we produce the initial concept sketches, you will choose one of the concept designs to take forward. Then, that particular design will be refined. We will finalize that one logo design that will be used on all your printed and digital marketing and branding materials. As a bonus, we will also include graphics for a social media profile for three channels along with a business card design.

Brand Style Guide
After creating a shiny and sleek logo, you would want to use it consistently in all of your communications. We will provide you a brand style guide which is a document that outlines it in addition to other aspects related to your brand identity design. The brand style guide also defines the brand’s logo usage, icons, symbols, color palettes, typography to be used and application of identity across various areas.

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