Case Study: Logo Design – Brand Identity Design – Social Media – Web Development – Web Design

Referred Homebuyers is real estate company based in Virginia, specialized in helping homeowners to sell their unwanted properties quickly.

The challenge

As a new business, the company needed a complex website to provide information about the company, generate leads, integrate with the company’s CRM and other third-party services and to build a strong online presence on social media.

The solution

  • The business naming was done when we started working on the project so we we started by developing the visual identity for the company that will be used on the website, social media and on printed material.
  • The website page structure and content plan were created with consideration for the targeted areas and the search engine optimization to follow.
  • We chose WordPress as a CMS to build the website on top of. We started by developing a theme to give life to the web design.
  • Integrations with an external CRM, google maps API & other third-party services were coded, followed by general optimization on the front-end and the server-side.

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